NCSIMUL | Composites add-in

NC SIMULATION experience now focused on COMPOSITES

With NCSIMUL Machine Composites, make your 3D material lay-up simulation smarter, more realistic and more efficient.

NCSIMUL Machine Composites allows realistically and efficiently material lay-up simulation, according to different methods: fiber positioning (filaments or ribbons) or filament winding, with automatic collection of machining simulation data (e.g. 3D, cycle time, and cutting conditions, laid-up fiber length...).
  • Taking into account the initial media, the already laid material and the roller position
  • Precise & independent positioning of each fiber in ribbon
  • Cutting control for each fiber
  • Powerful viewing of the full model of the final part (with selective, layer-by-layer display)
  • Measurement of laid-up plies: ply thickness, angle and distance between ribbons

Do Right at First Time | Setting-up CN programs in 3 steps

  • NC program analysis
  • Display the ply path as soon as the NC program is loaded
  • Decode the G-code; vendor macros, including variables and structured programming; e.g. Siemens840D, Heidenhain, Fanuc
  • Automatically detect program errors : ISO syntax, out-of-range motion
  • Take advantage of the link between 3D window, program and information window
  • Use the code editor for direct correction (universal controller)
  • Quickly display real NC parameters : variables, machine status, etc.
  • Material lay-up simulation
  • Precisely compute lay-up in real time
  • Detect possible collisions and material lay-up
  • Move around, rotate and zoom smoothly during the simulation
  • Unlimited file size
  • List lay-up and collision issues: unstretched fibers, steering and no contact between rough stock and material
  • Use simulation to correct the program completely
  • Results analysis
  • Use dedicated tools to check and monitor the lay-up process: laid up fiber length, layer thickness measurement, ribbon intersection angles, distance between fibers, etc.
  • Create dynamic 3D sections of the results
  • Export the simulation results (3D envelope, path, layer,...) to the design office

The NCSIMUL Machine Composites Difference

  • Enjoy the advantages of ergonomics, user experience and the interface between NCSIMUL Machine and your CAM implementation
  • Simulate the G-code for your material lay-up realistically and powerfully with fiber placement and filament winding
  • Detect collisions and alerts: unstretched fibers, steering, no-contact conditions between rough stock and material
  • Display and compare the actual laid-up ply path with the programmed path
  • Take advantage of the interactive relationship between the 3D window, the program and the information window
  • Universal Machine Technology supports an unlimited number of axes (robots or complex NC machines)
  • Interfaces with most commercial CAD/CAM softwares, notably CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER, MasterCAM, Edgecam, TopSolid CAM