CMTS 2017 - Booth 1542 - SPRING Technologies to demonstrate NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and NCSIMUL 4CAM

SPRING Technologies, developer of software for the optimal and flexible use of CNC machines, including simulation and optimizing CAM programs, will demonstrate its flagship NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS package at CMTS 2017, Booth 1542. The manufacturing event will be held September 25 – 28 in Toronto, Canada. The latest 2017 version of NCSIMUL Solutions sets a new benchmark for comprehensive control of the machining process, providing ease of use, flexibility and automation for manufacturers to move towards Industry 4.0. The two main modules, NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL 4CAM will be highlighted at the show.

"For manufacturers requiring 5-axis simulation software for machining centers or complex mill-turn multi-axis simulation, we are hopeful they will put us on their "must see' list at CMTS," Silvère Proisy, North American Operations Director for SPRING Technologies.

Among the new features of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 2017 and the NCSIMUL 4CAM module are: New probing strategies; support for turning after milling, for one-click NC machine turnaround; cutting tool management with 3D definitions; one-click project update; project export/import; automatic performance analysis; automatic graphic detection of machining risk zones and less than optimal cutting conditions, and more.

NCSIMUL Machine is an innovative CNC software solution providing realistic CNC simulation of the machining process. Users can simulate, verify, optimize and review machine programs based on the actual characteristics of the machine tools. Three-dimensional graphics help to avoid machining crashes while powerful algorithms and embedded process-based knowledge enable cutting conditions to be optimized. NCSIMUL Machine provides machining verification in three steps: investigates and corrects coding errors, simulates to locate collisions and correct motion errors, and validates the part cut and machining result. The benefits are many, including reducing the time spent on debugging programs; preventing the costly risk of spindle collision, tool breakage and scrap; and improving cycle times and process optimization efficiencies.

Further, SPRING has focused its R&D over the last year on optimizing the performance of NCSIMUL 4CAM, the award-winning CAM add-on module that can be integrated with the software package. Based on SPRING's expertise in the field, NCSIMUL 4CAM 2017 effectively brings users more efficient processes and supports their best practices with existing CAM software products. With the new version of NCSIMUL 4CAM, manufacturers now have a decision-making tool that is reliable, flexible, secured and automated for selecting the production resources they want to deploy.

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