CNC machines and custom precision mechanic


Mécanique Aéronautique Pyrénéenne - MAP, is a company that specialises in precision engineering, providing services to leading aerospace players, OEMs and first-tier suppliers. MAP offers its customers expertise in a range of fields: machining for parts of all sizes, fine sheet metal work, boilermaking, assembly, and the design and production of tooling, notably punches, dies and moulds.

MAP was founded in 1972 and today has a workforce of around 190. The company uses leading-edge technologies to bring its customers the highest quality service based on an end-to-end digital process, from receiving orders to manufacture. The company has more than 50 machines, and in-house process planning and design & programming departments.


In 2003, MAP realised that the upcoming civilian and military aerospace programmes would create new needs and development opportunities. To be ready to meet these challenges, the company audited its existing design, machining, manufacturing and IT in order to bring in new, state-of-the-art technologies. At the time, very few companies had opted to automate their processes. MAP decided to create a complete digital process, from receiving orders to final delivery and, to meet the challenge, looked for solutions that would support the whole product life cycle.

MAP deployed the Hélios ERP software to manage its corporate information and ensure traceability. It also installed SPRING's 'NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS' solutions, NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL TOOL, for machining simulation and cutting tool management. With this digital process in place, the ability to exchange information between departments enabled the company to optimize productivity and step up its rate of service to customers.


Automation, collaboration, information management and traceability were assets that enabled MAP to offer its customers a 95 - 98% rate of service, a record in its line of business.
Each machining program, tool, tool/material pair, and machine is tested and validated at every stage in the product's life cycle. Today, every single NC machining program used by MAP is simulated in NCSIMUL Machine; this obviates the need for workshop personnel to examine programs that have been approved upstream, thereby ensuring the reliability and structure of the process without tying up NC machine-tools for program testing.

NCSIMUL TOOL, SPRING's cutting tool management software, provides MAP with a single database shared by all its departments. It contains tool configurations, even for manufacturers that do not publish tool data in digital format, thereby slashing tool search times from an hour to just a few seconds. The company now has 7,700 tools referenced in its database. Data exchange is secured, reliable and automated for all the company's departments. Machine productivity has risen from 40 to 90%.

« Today MAP is an established partner of civilian and military aerospace programmes. Our reputation in this arena is based not only on our expertise and added value but also on our innovative, dynamic corporate culture, and fully automated process capability. SPRING's ‘NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS' solutions are now basic building blocks in our digital process, and, added to our other assets, give us solid reasons to believe in our ability to succeed going forward. »

Eric Barouillet
Production Manager at MAP

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