DELCAM and SPRING Technologies speed up CAM department productivity

Delcam and SPRING Technologies announce a seamless interface between their core solutions PowerMILL/FeatureCAM and NCSIMUL Machine.

SPRING Technologies and Delcam have closely worked together to deliver a seamless integration between NCSIMUL Machine, a major standard for machining simulation and feed rate optimization, and the leading CAM softwares PowerMILL/FeatureCAM. Those interfaces will provide a complete solution for an accurate and efficient CAM-to-CNC machine programming process.

PowerMILL/FeatureCAM users will be able to simulate their toolpaths using NCSIMUL Machine core features thanks to those brand new interfaces. With just one click, CAM users can transfer the relevant data directly from inside FeatureCAM/PowerMILL into NCSIMUL Machine and prepare the right data for NC verification and delivery to the machine tool. This partnership intends to answer the needs of many companies which are manufacturing high value items: an integrated process that eases checks and validations of milling toolpaths.

Thanks to those interfaces/connections, NCSIMUL Machine makes all the advantages of its technology available to the Delcam users. Comprehensive tests can be made on the computer, using its knowledge of milling applications. For example, the simulations eliminate manual prove-outs and make more efficient use of cutting tools. They also prevent any risk of machine or part breakage. The cutting conditions can also be optimized so improving the productivity of the machines. Moreover, technical documents can be standardized and disseminated right next to the machine in a click so that every team involved in the production cycle can communicate easily and accurately.

The long-standing and proven ability of NCSIMUL Machine to give safe and optimized NC programs attracted the Delcam team, which is always developing new applications to increase the abilities of the Delcam range of products.

"We have really focused our work on developing a friendly and easy-to-use interface to facilitate the transfer of all kinds of data: parts, clamps, stocks, etc," explained Fikret Kalay – Delcam France Professional Services Director. "Thanks to this new interface, PowerMILL/FeatureCAM users will be able to choose the appropriate machine and post-processor, automatically generate tool data for NCSIMUL Machine, and launch simulation project in a secure way from PowerMILL/FeatureCAM into NCSIMUL Machine. The combination of PowerMILL/FeatureCAM and NCSIMUL Machine will make it easier for the users to gain greater productivity and while ensuring safe machining."

"Thanks to those interfaces, we answer DELCAM & SPRING customer primary needs to streamline their CAM-to-NC simulation process hence yielding higher productivity rates. This will facilitate both CN programming and validation steps while shortening industrialization time." says Olivier BELLATON, General Manager SPRING Technologies.

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