FAFIEC chooses SPRING Technologies and its SPRING ACADEMY department for a training partnership agreement

SPRING Technologies, a major player on the PLM and NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS markets, announces that FAFIEC, an approved organisation in France for the implementation of training policies defined jointly by employer and labour organisations in a range of sectors including IT and engineering, has chosen SPRING ACADEMY as a collective training centre for engineering design offices.

We touched upon the agreement in last week's press release announcing the inauguration of the 8th SPRING ACADEMY training facility on the west side of Paris. FAFIEC has chosen SPRING Technologies as its recommended training organisation for courses on the CATIA V5 software for all industrial draftsmen and designers, architects and other specialists in a range of different industrial fields (architecture, mechanical engineering, etc.).

What is FAFIEC?
FAFIEC is an official, state-approved body, which collects and manages funds allocated for vocational training in the fields of engineering, IT, consulting, shows, exhibitions and translation.
Its missions are to:
• Collect and manage corporate funds allocated to training.
• Finance training initiatives, abilities assessment and progress tests.
• Advise, inform and accompany companies and their personnel in their ongoing vocational training and the development of their skills.

Managed jointly by representative employer and labour organisations in the knowledge economy sector, FAFIEC proactively pursues an ambitious training policy designed to benefit 48,000 companies and 577,000 employees in the sector.
The terms of the agreement
FAFIEC has selected SPRING ACADEMY, the SPRING Technologies training centre, to set up a training partnership for engineering design offices. Any company in an industrial sector falling within the scope of FAFIEC's competence can apply for this training in 2D or 3D CAD with a CATIA V5 specialisation.
The potential benefits for companies are considerable: a full understanding of CATIA V5 boosts productivity and enables the development of broad, ambitious projects that progress the company's products and/or processes.

Jean-Philippe Vidal, Director of Training at SPRING Technologies explains: “The signature of this agreement with a body like FAFIEC sends out a strong message about how much our expertise in training is valued. Our know-how in teaching methods and the quality of our course material have made the difference. SPRING ACADEMY has a team of trainers and expert consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the market's CAD/CAM/PLM software, a comprehensive understanding of our customers' business areas and, what's more, the ability to adapt to any specific needs. We offer original programmes adapted to specific businesses including: basic CATIA V5 design; design and manufacturing with CATIA V5; equipment and system engineering; CATIA V5 analysis and simulation; advanced design and knowledge; systems and administration.... and the list goes on”.

Founded in 1992, SPRING ACADEMY, the training department of SPRING Technologies, is the only independent training centre in France to train some 2,000 users each year. Customer companies can choose from a range of modules according to job profile (designer, project manager, programmer, analyst, etc.), software (CATIA V4 and V5, Pro/ENGINEER, CADDS5, UG NX, IDEAS NX, Windchill, VPM, SMARTEAM and SAP), and training venue (Montreuil, Nantes, Toulouse, Lyon, Geneva, Frankfurt, Munich and now Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines). The company organises inter-company or company-specific courses, to meet different industrial needs and is thus able to bring each trainee a targeted course with recognised efficiency.

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