Industrial ME, fine sheet metal and process engineering services for the aeronautical


The company TROCHET has fifty years’ experience of industrial ME, fine sheet metal and process engineering services for the aeronautics sector.
TROCHET AMGGC focuses on:

  • The design and manufacture of complex mechanical parts (at the TROCHET site in Sartrouville, in the north-west Paris suburbs).
  • Delegation of expertise and services in NC programming and machining and conventional machining, adaptive machining, production optimization, creation of production documentation and QC (at the EMAE site at Le Tréport on the Normandy coast).

Nine years ago, TROCHET introduced leading-edge techniques and technologies on its two sites. This major strategic investment has earned the company recognition as a state-of-the-art maker of aeronautical parts and a specialist in 2-, 3- and 5-axis machining. The company’s workforce has grown from 9 to 33 over this period, and TROCHET now enjoys a dominant position on its market.


In 2000, Armand de Tarade took over at the head of TROCHET, which, though already a recognised sub-contractor to the aerospace industry, still essentially used conventional technologies. In the last nine years the company has invested in the latest generation of CAD/CAM, machining simulation and high-speed machining (HSM) technologies, achieving a tenfold reduction of manufacturing time on some parts. Trochet opened a new site in Le Tréport for its process engineering services and has automated its design-to-manufacturing process, end to end.

As part of this process, CEO Tarade opted to add NCSIMUL Machine, the SPRING Technologies solution for checking and simulating toolpaths, to the company’s existing CAM software (CATIA, Missler and Delcam). “We tried to use our CAM software to proof our toolpaths, but the results were nowhere near as reliable as when we simulate our ISO codes with NCSIMUL Machine. With NCSIMUL Machine we are able to check and guarantee the accuracy of the toolpaths on our NC machine-tools. We now use it systematically to check all our CAM toolpaths. When you consider that a spindle head can cost 25,000 to 30,000 euros, as much as NCSIMUL Machine, it’s easy to see why we got instant ROI! NCSIMUL Machine delivers undisputed productivity gains on 3-axis machining in terms of toolpath optimization and also reduces the risk of collisions on multi-axis milling and turning operations.”


The company TROCHET has created structuring solutions that automate its processes, extract full value from the experience acquired in machining (notably in tools, assemblies, and cutting conditions) to optimize its productivity, but also to develop real added value for major aerospace accounts. Hence the importance of solving problems at upstream design phases before taking a mechanical part into production.

The introduction of an automated digital process includes the following stages: the teams at the TROCHET design office, in Sartrouville or Le Tréport, use CATIA V5 or TOPSOLID (Missler) to design the parts or assemblies and exchange their information via a secure network. They then use CAM software from Dassault Systèmes, Missler or Delcam to generate the NC programs and toolpaths. The tools are selected from the NCSIMUL TOOL library based on technology data built up by the company. Finally the toolpaths are made absolutely reliable by simulation, testing and checking with SPRING Technologies’ NCSIMUL Machine software. This indispensable step in the manufacturing process cuts out the bottlenecks on the NC machine-tools, and optimizes productivity. CEO Armand Tarade says that this structures the working methodology and is a major asset in the collaborative work that is the basis for the process automation introduced in the company.

« My goal over the last 9 years has been to develop TROCHET, and our workforce has already grown from nine to thirty-three in 5 years. Above all, I also wanted to adapt to our customers’ business organisations, thereby cementing our leadership on our market. This is where NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL TOOL are indispensable CAM applications. Today we have decided to continue investing in a number of different modules from the SPRING Technologies “NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS”, enabling us to connect directly to measuring benches and NC machine tools, get full value from our knowledge of cutting conditions and toolpath optimization. With this we can structure our processes, make them more reliable, minimise our manufacturing errors, optimize our productivity, and satisfy our customers. Finally, to stay ahead of the field, we are heavily committed to Research & Technology in production organisation (NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS). TROCHET and SPRING Technologies are both involved in R&D projects not only in France (SYSTEM@TIC, ASTECH) but also at European level. »

Armande de TARADE

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