NCdoc from SPRING Technologies automatically generates and manages comprehensive machining documentation

The NCdoc add-in for NCSIMUL Machine simulation software creates standard documents that reduce errors, aid communication

The NCdoc add-in component of NCSIMUL Machine simulation software from SPRING Technologies, Boston, MA, enables users to automatically document all elements of a machining process and thereby reduce errors and enhance communication within a manufacturing organization.

Using data from the final version of the CNC machining program as verified by NCSIMUL Machine, NCdoc generates a full machining report with data sheets for tooling and setup characteristics, details of the machining process, operational instructions and checklist information, and dimensional inspection checks including nominal values and associated tolerances.

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Instruction sheets: customization based on user needs

The real-time nature of the documentation enables users to perform in-process checks. Clear presentation and easy access to accurate dimensional and operational information minimizes the possibility of errors resulting from misinterpretation or outdated data. Through the NCSIMUL Player Synchro feature, operators and other personnel can access instructional and other data sheets at the machine in synchronization with the current machining cycle.

Users can edit documents in one click, and a smart wizard for data sheet editing features automated input, and collection of machining simulation data including 3D representations and cycle times and cutting conditions.

Because machining processes are continually subject to updates, new releases and changes, NCdoc provides full document life cycle management that eliminates confusion resulting from use of outdated reports and documentation. Data is accessible through a PC or touch tablets, and technical data sheets are available in PDF form or via the simulation software's NCSIMUL Player feature.

NCdoc provides the basis for fulfilling quality program requirements as well as demands for traceability and documentation from manufacturing customers in critical industries including medical, aerospace, and oil and gas. Use of NCdoc saves hours otherwise spent in preparing and updating reports.

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