NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS interface now available on the Machining Cloud

Machining Cloud GmbH announces that SPRING Technologies customers can now access complete and up-to-date cutting tool data from leading manufacturers on the Machining Cloud.

The completed interface on the Machining Cloud enables NCSIMUL 4CAM (CNC Programming) and NCSIMUL Machine (NC simulation module) customers to realize:

  1. Enhanced virtual machining experience through the assurance of having the latest cutting tool data;
  2. Direct access to the cutting tool manufacturers' latest recommendations on cutting speeds and conditions for a given cutting tool assembly in a given material;
  3. The ability to make the best choice when searching for new cutting tools and when deciding how to best run them on their CNC machines.


"It will be easier and faster for SPRING Technologies' customers to create and use their tools in NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS", says Christophe Rogazy, Cloud Evangelist for the Machining Cloud GmbH. "Exporting the exact models from the Machining Cloud will allow the simulation and verification to be accurate and reliable."

"Streamlining the machining process is our leitmotiv at SPRING Technologies, so being able to update the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS tool database in few clicks with new cutting tools parameters is a key enabler to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers, on both short and long term," says Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director, SPRING Technologies.

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