SMART Industrie show : SPRING Technologies unveils NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, its range for the factory of the future

All the modules will be demonstrated at the Show

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of NC machines, will be at the first edition of France's SMART INDUSTRIE show, from September 15 to 17, at the Parc des expositions, Porte de Versailles, on the edge of Paris. SPRING will be showcasing its product range on its booth : NCSIMUL Machine, the company's flagship software for machining simulation, WYSIWYC, for remote, real-time synchronization, and NCSIMUL 4CAM, SPRING's brand new CAM module launched in June.

A must for manufacturers driven by the event theme: "Dare to Create the Factory of the Future".

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NCSIMUL 4CAM : From Prototyping (single machining process on a 4X machine) To Series (all machining processes on a Tombstone 4X machine)

The new version, NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS V10, delivers a single, streamlined and unified software environment that represents a complete break with the past in manufacturing and production. It facilitates the digital programming process for NC machines with an all-in-one solution that can be added to an existing CAM software environment, enabling users to program, check and optimize all machine types. NCSIMUL 4CAM, the range's latest module offers five key advantages :

  • « Hybrid » programming, for seamlessly and painlessly reusing legacy data,
  • Programming in native NC code, error-free, for an all-in-one solution,
  • No more external post-processor, for a streamlined digital process,
  • One-click machine reprogramming, for full flexibility,
  • Dynamic management of intermediary rough stocks, for unrivalled programming comfort.

WHERE ? The SMART INDUSTRIE show - Porte de Versailles, Paris

WHEN ? September 15-17, 2015

WHY ? To discover solutions that will enable manufacturers to secure their parts and NC machines; meet deadlines; reduce production costs; increase NC machine uptime.

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