SPRING Technologies announces version 9.2 of its NC machining simulation solution : NCSIMUL Machine

Increased machining process analysis and new functionalities for the composites module

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that maximize the productivity of NC machine tools, announces the release of NCSIMUL Machine 9.2, flagship of its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio. Pursuing its commitment to the development of the factory of the future, SPRING Technologies is enriching its solution with additional properties for its Composites module and enhancing its capabilities in terms of automation, ergonomics and, ultimately end-user productivity.

"NCSIMUL Machine is our flagship. We have been developing the solution for 17 years and we progress it with state-of-the-art technology, drawing on our expertise in industry applications, and addressing market needs", explains Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies. "With Version 9.2, we bring our users the very best technology to automate tasks that deliver no added value, and secure the information, data exchange and tool paths - all of this in a 3D graphic environment. Each new version brings us a step closer to SMART INDUSTRY."

With NCSIMUL Machine users can:

  • Control the global machining process;
  • Simulate, check, optimize and modify their machining programs;
  • Detect collisions;
  • Optimize cutting conditions;
  • Release a standardized technical content throughout the workshop.

"Version 9.2 is a major step forward in our product strategy", adds Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director at SPRING Technologies.

"We are going forward step by step to bring our customers even higher levels of automation, security and mobility. This is precisely what the market is demanding and is our vision - what we call the NCEXPERIENCE®."

The main new features of NCSIMUL Machine 9.2

  • GREATER ANALYSIS : time graph, time-to-complete display;

Automation: real-time information

  • Cutting parameter time graph: the major innovation of version 9.2.

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This fully customizable graph facilitates the interpretation and analysis of cutting data. With the X axis showing the program time and the Y axis displaying a selected cutting parameter, users can clearly and simply view variations in the cutting parameter, with a dynamic link to the NC program.

Users can also choose whether to display all tools simultaneously or just the current tool and compare data before and after machining has been optimized.

  • Time-to-complete display: a new window, refreshed dynamically during the machining simulation, offers users the ability to monitor the time-to-complete for the active block till the next event (machine stop, tool change, end of program, end of machining) in real time.

New enhancements for the Composites module

After last January's announcement of a module to simulate composite material lay-up, SPRING Technologies is pursuing its dedicated R&D, notably for the aeronautic industry and industrial sectors using leading-edge technologies, by extending the module to support contact lay-up.

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New algorithms enable fiber lay-up simulation (the filament winding process has been available since version 9.1). This realistic simulation lays the fiber, taking into account the initial media, the already laid material and the roller position. Also, the process precisely and separately manages the positioning of the fiber cutting in the ribbon, delivering realistic display of the complete 3D model of the final part (selectively displaying each layer).

From design office to production, NCSIMUL Machine Composites offers users the ability to check their NC programs in 3 steps: NC program analysis, material lay-up simulation, results analysis.


NCSIMUL Machine delivers numerous user benefits:

  • Secure NC machine tools throughout the lay-up process;
  • Elimination of the risk of program errors;
  • Reduction of program validation time;
  • Minimization of structure analysis time.

The bottom line… an optimized material lay-up process.

User experience

  • NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS Downloader: with NCSIMUL Machine 9.2, just like any desktop software, users can know at all times whether their version is up-to-date. The application enables them to download all product updates in the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range.

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