SPRING Technologies establishes strategic partnerships in the Asia Pacific region

Five new resellers specializing in CAD/CAM

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software for the optimal and flexible use of Numerical Control machines, announces the signature of five strategic alliances with highly reputed companies in the APA region: WCS (Malaysia), UMEONE (China), PHIC (China) SAEILO (Japan), SIMTEK (India). Well established in a variety of industries and CAD/CAM specialists, they will be able to help SPRING to accelerate its development in the region, in both the manufacturing and educational sectors.

All the resellers offer the complete range of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS modules, including NCSIMUL Machine for machining simulation and NCSIMUL 4CAM, an add-on solution for existing CAM programs. "With their expertise linked to manufacturing and machining they have a global vision of the needs of local industries and the challenges facing them," explains Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies. "They will be our ambassadors, deploying best practices to help their customers cut costs and improve manufacturing quality in a way that is reliable, agile, fast and secure."

Reseller profiles in the APA zone:

  • WCS, Penang (Malaysia). The company has established itself in the aeronautic, automobile and medical sectors, in both Penang and Kuala Lumpur, with innovative solutions and a team of five offering high-quality service. WCS has some twenty NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS customers and is investing heavily to find new leads and provide technical support for its development in the ASEAN region over the next five years.
  • UMEONE, Beijing (China). The company does business across the whole of mainland China, offering innovative solutions enabling state-owned companies, specialized in the Security and Chinese national defense sectors to become more competitive. UMEONE, whose CEO Mr. Liu is a graduate of the Aeronautics and Space School, has a team of experts in innovative software solutions and is a leader in these sectors.
  • PHIC, Beijing (China). This NCSIMUL Machine reseller specializes in the education sector. It offers three types of software, two of which were developed in-house: VNUC (3-axis NC training system for all types of controllers), VNUM (training system for machine maintenance) and NCSIMUL Machine for machining simulation. Three thousand sites - schools and universities - use the company's solutions in China, i.e. 80% of the education market. PHIC has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenyang, and has a workforce of around 100, 30% of whom are engineers. SPRING has developed a special educational version, NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS-PHIC that will be deployed on all education sites using NC machine tools in China.
  • SAEILO, Tokyo (Japan). The company is one of SPRING Technologies' historic reseller partners, working with NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS for over fifteen years. Today, SAEILO has set up a team dedicated solely to the sale of NCSIMUL Machine and associated services, making it the most active reseller in the APA region, with some one hundred Japanese customers, including, for example, Canon for machining camera lens bodies, and Kawazaki Heavy Industry for machining complex aeronautics parts. Via its dedicated CAD/CAM team and its machine-tool reseller business, SAEILO supports all process needs, offering custom solutions.
  • SIMTEK, Chennai (India). The company has a workforce of around 100, is an exclusive reseller of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, and has been reselling NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS since 2015. SIMTEK's goal is to be able to offer Indian manufacturers a package of innovative solutions and is currently adapting NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS to its local market.

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