SPRING Technologies signs PLM-SYSTEMS as new reseller in Tunisia, North Africa

PLM Systems, a Telnet Group company and Tunisian specialist of CAD/CAM and PLM services will add NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS to its product & services portfolio

SPRING Technologies, a software vendor specialized in delivering software solutions for the production environment, today announced the signing of a new partnership agreement with PLM SYSTEMS, an integrator with high added value on CAD and PLM systems, based in Tunisia. This agreement covers the distribution and implementation by PLM SYSTEMS of the software suite NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, and more particularly NCSIMUL Machine for machining simulation, OPTITOOL for machining optimization, NCdoc for the generation of technical sheet and 3D NC simulation movies and configured and optimized post-processors.


Achour Kamel, Managing Director of PLM-Systems, says: "Today our customers, users of CAM solutions in Tunisia, rely on the performance of post-processors to translate toolpaths to machine code, with a risk of non-zero error. The software suite NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS from SPRING Technologies will give them the guarantee of "zero defects" and an optimized machining time. We believe this will deliver significant quality gains and cost and time savings"


Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies: "We are continuing our strong growth in exports. Through this new partnership, we will enable innovative Tunisian companies to implement a worldwide proven technology to simplify, verify, secure and optimize their machining path."

Kamel Achour: "This partnership with SPRING Technologies for the distribution and technical support in Tunisia of its NC dedicated solutions for digital manufacturing, gives us the opportunity to expand our product offerings and services. Indeed, we can now extend our core offering with simulation solutions dedicated to machining. This will enhance the theoretical simulation executed by the CAM software, and link directly to the reality of the CNC machines in the production environment."


Subsidiary of TELNET HOLDING, PLM SYSTEMS, founded in 2007, has a staff of 18 people including CAD/CAM and PLM specialists with up to 20 years of experience. PLM SYSTEMS customers are mainly companies in the mechanical sector, molds & dies, plastic transformation, consumer goods, machined automotive & aerospace machined parts and sheet metal.

Integrator with high added value, PLM SYSTEMS mission is to support innovative Tunisian companies in their their CAD/CAM and PLM projects. PLM SYSTEMS offers focuses on the provision and local support of partner products and solutions dedicated to PLM process, and on specific PLM services: from design methodology, to machining and control strategies through the certifying training in CAD, CAM and CAE.

For more information : http://www.plmsystems.net / www.groupe-telnet.com

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