Vacuum pumps for the semi-conductor and instrumentation industries


Alcatel Vacuum Technology is the world leader in vacuum technology and leak detection. The product range is made up of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum gauges, plasma sensors, vacuum valves, etc. and marketed under the Adixen brand. The main markets the company is focused on are semi-conductors, instruments, production and R&D.


The issue ADIXEN was faced with was multiple. First, the company was looking for a way to manage its tools in the machine environment with collision prevention to troubleshoot occurrences of gouging...
Second, the competitive environment meant that it had to find a way to save time on program testing: indeed, time spent on debugging machining programs straight on the machine led to important costs. NCSIMUL Machine thus appeared as the prior solution before using the machines.


By minimizing the use of the machine for debugging, NCSIMUL Machine allowed Alcatel Vacuum Technology to increase its productivity drastically: machines are now always dedicated to produce and only for that purpose. Another benefit is that all tool path incidents are now solved upstream, ever since the program development. As a consequence, there are now much more volunteers to debug programs among the employees because they know there is little risk. They are so confident in NCSIMUL Machine that programs are sometimes started at night, without any operator monitoring the process. Lastly, NCSIMUL Machine allowed Alcatel Vacuum Technology to develop even more complex and efficient programs. Proofing programs in the process engineering office is secured and efficient since it displays the results in NCSIMUL Machine before taking them to the machine.

« We spend three times less on the machine by checking a job in NCSIMUL Machine first. Besides, all tool path incidents are now solved upstream, ever since the program development stage. It is a fully interactive process. »

Process and machining Manager, ADIXEN Industrialization Dpt

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