ZODIAC AEROSPACE chooses NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL Player version 9 from SPRING Technologies

Three watchwords: secure, optimize, reduce. Immediately rewarded by ultra-realistic machining simulation.

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of NC machines, announces the signature of a new contract with ZODIAC SEATS France to implement NCSIMUL Machine 9 for machining simulation and NCSIMUL Player 9 to review and facilitate the sharing of simulations with all stakeholders in the NC process. The ZODIAC AEROSPACE reference site for machining, located at Issoudun in central France, was looking for a means to secure its NC machine tools, optimize tool paths and, ultimately, reduce machining preparation times and the risks of collisions.


Specialized in the field of aeronautics since 1944, ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE, formerly SICMA AERO SEATS, is now a member of the ZODIAC AEROSPACE group, and a world leader in the manufacture of aircraft seats.

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The challenge facing the Issoudun site in 2013 was to optimize its toolpaths and increase their reliability, while continuing to support its existing CAM solution: TopSolid'Cam. The task was made tougher as Zodiac Seats France was introducing new NC machines, notably from the maker MICHEL PIOCH and 5-axis MAZAK Variaxis machines that would need to be secured.

Zodiac Seats France started to investigate the market in 2012 and, visiting the Industrie show, found out about SPRING Technologies and its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range. “We were really impressed by the ergonomics, user-friendliness and intuitive qualities of NCSIMUL Machine and its viewer, NCSIMUL Player,” explains Frédéric Millet, head of programming at Zodiac Seats France. “We did some severe testing and SPRING's machining simulation solution really delivered what we were looking for in both functional and organizational terms. The clincher was the strong partnership between SPRING and the NC machine maker MICHEL PIOCH, as well as the support from the project team at SPRING.

Frédéric Millet sums up: “Without NCSIMUL Machine 9 there is no way we could have programmed safe toolpaths, especially with the arrival of the new NC machine. One reason, for example, is that the CAM system does not take into account every change of axis, so we could not be sure that our simulation reflected the reality. With NCSIMUL Machine 9, we have everything under control”.

We The last word goes to Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies: “We are delighted that Zodiac Seats France is now one of our customers. Today we have a dominant position in the aerospace sector. Our NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range supports all manufacturing processes on NC machines. Our relentless commitment to R&D gives us the platform on which to consolidate our technological leadership and deliver the first stages of our vision, for example with realistic simulation and mobility in the workshop, bringing manufacturers all the resources they need to implement their “smart” factory and come out on top in the battle for competitiveness.

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